Boy with Fireflies Solar Garden Light

by Jill Olsen

I am in awe of fireflies. Growing up in Southern California the only fireflies I had seen were the FAKE ones at the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland. That all changed when I moved east to Northern VA. Walking around the neighborhood at night was magical seeing all the fireflies in the yards.

Now I’m living in NV and sadly there are no fireflies here, however I found this adorable solar garden light which is a statue of a boy who is mesmerized with the growing collection of fireflies in his jar.

The figure is finished to look like wood, but it’s actually made out of durable weather resistant resin.  The boy is holding a jar which has solar blinking lights that resemble real fireflies which provide an imaginative and adorable way to brighten the dark.

The solar rock beside the boy stores up to 8 hours of sunlight. Batteries are required.

The dimensions are 21.25″H x 14.75″W x 16″D and it weighs 14 pounds.

The reviews are very complementary and say that this solar garden light is as beautiful and unique as the photo.  Better yet one of my friends gives this personal review:

Delsey Wilson My motor-in-law has this and it is so adorable!!! Especially if you remember days of catching fireflie or as we called them, lightning bugs. :)

Click here —> Boy with Fireflies Statue to buy your very own adorable boy with fireflies solar garden light. In fact buy two and give one away as a gift.

Talk soon,

P.S. There is also a Girl with Fireflies Statue Solar Garden Light post, so be sure and check it out and enjoy the wonder of fireflies all year long.


I've worked in the corporate world as a Special Librarian and now I'm leveraging my research skills and passion for solar lights/energy and sustainability to bring you fun solar lights and news from around the world how solar lights are being implemented by cities, governments, business etc.

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